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Greetings and welcome to The East African University.

The office of the Dean of Students is under the guidance of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic and Student Affairs.  This office is committed to helping students grow and develop personally, intellectually and professionally from the time they enter University until they graduate. The Student Affairs Department is home for several services that aim to give students quality University experience. The services we offer include the following, Career Guidance Student, Mentorship, Guidance and counseling, Spiritual wellbeing, Catering and Accommodation, Clubs and societies, and Sports. It also works together with the Health unit for health concerns of the students and as the link between university Administration and the students, it also handles all matters related to The East African University Student Association. 

Career office

Career department is one of the key department under the Office of the Dean of Student. Its major activity is to guide student on Career choice, career development, personal development, and student’s life balance. It is also involved in linkages, seminars, career fairs and industrial attachment.


Guidance and Counseling

This department promotes and facilitates Students’ social and intellectual development. This assists us to bring up a holistic person in a student who is responsible, accountable and of good character. Counsellors liaise with those who closely interact with the affected students including parents, teaching staff and medical doctors in assisting them to manage and address their concerns. The department also trains peer’s counsellors and involve them in dealing with HIV/AIDS Drugs/Substance Abuse, relationships and mental health.





The department has established a mentorship programme free for all TEAU students with an aim of training out students and empowering them on Skills enhancement, Professional identity, Peer mentorship, Ability to Plan and Organize, Ability to Self- Develop, Ability to Interact Collaboratively, Ability to Innovate, decide on their next steps. The programme covered the following areas but not limited to: Career management and development, Leadership and management skills, Self-awareness, Personality traits and their influence on career, Life skills, Emotional intelligence, Drug and substance abuse, Relationships, Social, business and personal etiquette.

Clubs and societies:

The office of the Dean of students advises on modalities of formation of clubs. It also registers clubs to allow them to function within the university. Students are encouraged to join the various clubs or to form new ones in the event that they can cater to both their academic and social welfare.

Among the clubs we have are: Environmental club, mentorship club, entrepreneurship club, Computer science club and the marketing club. Peer


This unit provides spiritual counselling, and conduct religious activities. All students have a place in TEAU in matter spiritual growth and nourishment.  Among them is the Young Catholics students, Christian Union, seventh day Adventist and many other denominations including our Muslims Brothers and sisters.

Students Benevolence

When a student passes on the Dean’s office organizes for students to attend the funeral and also send staff to represent the University Administration.

Catering and Accommodation

The dean of students ensures students are served clean heathy and affordable meals to ensure that they strive in the area of studies. Our cafeteria is operated by qualified chefs who are periodically supervised to ensure that the services they provide as per agreed with the university.

Our hostel is situated within the university, both male and female. The hostels are safe and provide a very ideal environment for the student to rest after busy day at university.

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