The Estate management department of University serves the institution in collaboration with various departments/offices to promote, provide and develop all support services and environmental maintenance needed by the Students, Lecturers, Academic staff and support staff in the success of the institution.

The current functional areas include:

  • Planning and Development
  • Events and Facilities.


The Office works closely with the Academic Linkages. The office also seeks to maintain a coordinated resource mobilization and implementation of prioritized projects in the main campus.

Objectives of the department include:

  • To ensure efficient operation of building services and
  • To provide cleaning services in communal areas in the institution
  • To Informing the institution on any potential situations that may have adverse
  • To ensure physical security services and responses are provided for safety of property and persons.
  • To enhance TEAU ability to attract and sustain the natural environment and resources it needs to continue to be successful.
  • To provide an extra source of revenue for TEAU.
  • To engage in quality control in development of infrastructure.
  • To facilitate for new knowledge and promoting innovations in terms of space allocation.
  • To strengthen the sense of community, connection and loyalty between TEAU and its stakeholders.
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