Why Choose TEAU


Why Choose TEAU

Quality Guaranteed
Accredited by the Commission for University Education in Kenya, The East African University offers quality higher education to thousands of students from Kenya and beyond. We employ the services of qualified and motivated staff to provide excellent training.

Research and Extension
Research and collaboration plays a significant role in developing effective academic systems, driving the University’s commitment to invest in research engagements and facilities. These will enhance our students and faculty experience as well as create a forum through which research findings can be used to influence policy and transform the world.

Financial Aid
Our financial services allow learners to access funding through available Government and County funding programmes. Degree applicants are eligible for HELB support to lessen the burden in accessing quality education. We also admit government sponsored students.

Uninterrupted Learning
As a private institution passionate about establishing a smooth and steady academic experience, we have structures in place to ensure there is no disruption. All Schools play their specific roles efficiently to ensure students complete their programmes on time and graduate.

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