The East African University 2nd Annual Scientific Conference 2022

March 10 @ 8:00 am - March 11 @ 5:00 pm
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The East African University 2nd Annual Scientific Conference 2022


“Innovation Science, Technology, Education and Business– Thriving in Turbulent Times”


1.0: Preamble

The East African University 2nd International Annual Conference 2022  is a major event in the University calendar intended to be a unique forum bringing together professionals, academician, researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders together to disseminate knowledge and debate on global contemporary research and innovation transformations  in recent time. The theme of the conference is entitled:    “Innovation Science, Technology, Education and Business Thriving in Turbulent Times”. The conference forum will allow participants to reflect on the multiple crises of recent years in the context of response to stormy times affecting Science, Technology, Education and Business to inform policy. The conference participants will also share research and innovation experiences, good practices and lessons learned by identifying strategies for coping with and overcoming these challenges for the success and wellness of our communities. The conference will dedicate a one-day pre-conference Doctoral Consortium for PhD Students as a supportive mentorship strategy.

The conference mode will be hybrid blending both online and physical sessions. All COVID-19 regulations as stipulated by the Ministry of Health will be adhered to. In the light of this, the university welcomes contributions from authors which promote the exchange of ideas and rational discourse between educators and researchers by submission of abstracts and consequently full papers for presentation within the theme and subthemes of the conference.

The following are the expected outcomes of the conference:

  1. Enhanced knowledge sharing on contemporary research and innovation transformations on innovation Science, Technology, Education and Business
  2. Learnt lessons from experiences and  good practices across the national and county governments and at regional and global level;
  3. Strengthened networking and partnerships with relevant stakeholders;
  4. The book of proceedings of University 2022 Conference; and
  5. Publications of research papers in peer reviewed journal

1.2 Subthemes

  1. Innovative Science, Information Technology

In the digital era, the use of information technologies applications have become highly adaptive field of knowledge affecting multiple daily interactions across professional education and training, spontaneously involving people who use social networking facilities regularly both at home and at work. However, the problem that faces the application expertise in using ICT and the expertise in leading and managing the global business growth and development is an area that requires to be examined by researchers. The conference participants will share knowledge on innovative science, ICT research, experiences, good practices and lessons learned of subthemes below to inform policy.

  • Digital Innovation in Information Systems
  • Big Data Analytics & Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications
  • Green Computing
  1. Education, Psychology, Management, Leadership, Educational Technology

Research and innovation, educational technology, technology leadership skills and   management support and training play a key role for the effective delivery of education. However, technology leadership research in education is scarce. To address the missing link and gap, the conference participants will ventilate contemporary global issues of education innovation solutions to inform policy.

  • Technology Development and Access to Education.
  • Education Policy and Leadership
  • Competence Based Curriculum: Development, Administration, Implementation and Evaluation.
  • School fires, student unrest beyond the tight Covid-19 challenges


  1. Modelling Business, Economic Growth and Development 

The importance of business growth and development that provides for equitable economic growth has become increasingly apparent. Business failure provides value to no one — neither the owners of the business nor the residents of the country. However, with proper planning, economic development activities can lead to the development of businesses in the country. In light of this, the conference forum will provide an opportunity to participants to ventilate business growth and economic development as synergies for the successful achievement of both in an economy.

  • Accelerating Sustainable Business Growth
  • Technology in Economic Development
  • Business Resilience & Reinvention in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Start-ups and SME financing


  1. Doctoral Consortium : Pre-Conference Mentorship Session

PhD Students will be expected to give in-depth presentations of their research interests/plans/results to a panel of researchers and receive specific constructive feedback, including opportunities to meet with mentors one-on-one.


  1. Cross-cutting Research Issues

Gender mainstreaming, community empowerment, equity and inclusion redefines the environmental situation through the lens of social relationships cross sectors. More so, management spirituality and religion, happiness, workplace deviance have become critical human resource components at workplace performance. Furthermore, climate change, synonymous with global warming is the most controversial environmental problem facing the world and gains top priority on international political agendas at present and so cannot be left out in this important conference among others. Thus, the conference forum will be keen to give an opportunity to participants to ventilate these cross-cutting research issues as synergies for the successful achievement of growth and development of any economy in the world.

  • Gender Mainstreaming, Community Empowerment, Equity and Inclusion
  • Management spirituality and religion, happiness, workplace deviance
  • Innovative practices in development and climate change
  • Human Rights and Social Justice
  • The Big Four Agenda. Where are we?

1.3 Submission Guidelines

  • Participants are requested to submit a soft copy in MS Word of their abstract on or before 12th January  2022
  • The abstract should be between 250 and 300 words in English, Times New Roman, font size 12 in single spacing.
  • Full papers should have between 4,000 and 5,000 words (excluding references):
  • Submission of full papers revised 4th February 2022
  • Notification of decision 20th February  2022
  • Deadlines for late registration 20th February 2022
  • Accepted papers will be published in the book of proceedings of University 2022 Conference.

1.4 Conference Charges

CATEGORY            FEES
  Early Bird

20TH December 2021

Normal Registration

20TH January 2022

International Participants KES 7,000 KES 8,000
East African Participants KES 7,000 KES 7, 500
Exhibitors KES 5,000 KES 5,500
East African University Staff KES 3,000 KES 3,500
Students KES 2,000 KES 3,000

Bank Details: Bank name: Cooperative Bank Account name: The East African University Account number: 01129285860003 Branch: KITENGELA

Note: kindly indicate your name whenever you make the payment for record purpose

  • Siringi E.M

Email: or

     CELLPHONE: +254 724971445

  • Esther Gachanga



  • Simon Ndungu



March 10 @ 8:00 am
March 11 @ 5:00 pm


The East African University
Kitengela, Kenya