Prof. Thomas A. Senaji (Ph.D., Pr. Eng.)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Academic and Student Affairs

Welcome to The East African University (TEAU). Many institutions of higher learning speak of excellence today, at TEAU we emphasize that as well, but in a fundamentally different way compared to other institutions. We recognize that excellence can and should take a variety of forms which is why we take a holistic approach in shaping our students not only intellectually and spiritually but also on how to become better human beings.

At our university you will become stronger intellectually, socially, morally and spiritually. All these are of profound importance to us because they align us to our philosophy which is “to be a fountain of knowledge, which produces holistic, and all round graduates who shall be a vanguard of change in the community’’. This philosophy combined with our aspiration to be a centre of excellence is an opportunity for you to be part of this exciting institution.

There are aspects worth considering as you transition to life as a student at The East African University or as you consider making TEAU your home. First, you should prepare yourself for transformational experiences because you will explore and pursue a wide range of subjects and topics. Second, you have to realize that learning is a cooperative art and not a productive one. The lecturers will encourage, inspire, and admonish you, while students are ultimately responsible for learning. Teachers do not produce. They teach students to do the real work of learning.  Third, it is imperative to recognize that character is the most important and enduring gift that you will take with you from TEAU. How your character is shaped in the course of your stay at our institution is what really matters. Our core values are quality, integrity, firmness, honesty, relevance, professionalism, flexibility and innovativeness; these are the values we aspire to instill in all our students.

The world needs people who can think critically, adapt to the dynamics of the economy we find ourselves in and change the world for betterment of society. Your studies will prepare you for these eventualities. Our aim is to prepare you for a career either in the formal or   informal sectors so as to enable our economy thrives. We are here to not only help you contribute to our economy by being in employment but also to help you create that employment. We would have failed in our mission if all we achieve is to help you get a job. We are here to shape you into a holistic human being, to surround you with opportunities, experiences and people you need to fulfill your ultimate potential.

The Academic and Students Affairs Department is organized into Schools and Directorates: School of Education, School of Business, School of Information and Communication technology (ICT), Directorate of Research and Directorate of Quality Assurance. You will receive various services from these schools and Directorates as you interact with them during your life in the University.

Welcome to TEAU!
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