Ms. Emily Sinkeet

Dean of Students

Motto: “Wellspring of knowledge and character

Welcome to The East African University! A serene environment that provides you with an opportunity to exploit your potential.  You made the best decision to choose TEAU. For those who are still wondering of a university to join, look no further TEAU is the University of Choice, you are welcome. Being a learning institution, we have and will continue to provide the best for all our students who choose to be part of us. We provide holistic education and development that make our students technologically relevant.

As you join TEAU, it is important to note that the environment requires you to make the best choices for yourself and set personal goals that will shape your destiny, knowing when to say yes or no depending on issues at hand.  Concentrate on things that matter and do not major on the minors but major on the majors. There is life beyond the period you are going to be here, and you are here to prepare for that life so make a well-researched and informed decision.

Sporting facilities are available and students have a variety of games to choose. The common ones include but not limited to, football, volleyball, handball, basketball and a number of indoor games.

On accommodation, the university has hostel for men and women respectively, which are separate from each other to enhance character building. We also have the university clinics where our students get treated and given referrals in case of any complications.

Unmatchable, The East African University provides good leadership and mentorship to students. We have student government that is normally elected by the entire student body every year to champion their issues; this has created a good working relationship between the students and the university administration.

In TEAU, just like other institutions, the university has a code of conduct to guide students’ behavior that you must read and understand.  The code of conduct ensures that we maintain our core values as an institution and provide favorable environment for all. Always remember that you are here for a short period depending on the program you are undertaking. It is your responsibility to maintain and leave TEAU better place than you found it

Welcome again to The East African University “ a Wellspring of Knowledge and Character“ with the best learning environment.

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