School Of Education

School Of Education

H.O.D Abisaki Beatrice Mbune

Welcome to the school of education

School of Education serves as the umbrella of other departments within the school; it attracts a sizeable number of students from all the forty-seven (47) counties in the country. It is considered the largest department because at no any time of the session does it hold less than 200 students. The department has highly qualified and experienced academic staff and support staff, headed by Mrs. Beatrice Abisaki Mbune (HOD) as the chairperson.


The department has carefully designed the curriculum, which meets the threshold of Commission for University Education specifications. The department trains teachers in their relevant field of specializations. The commitment of staff and students has seen the growth of the department.

Our students are not only trained in the acquisition of skills but also on spiritual and societal values of the country. (Honesty, hard work, integrity, transparency, Accountability etc).

The students who have graduated from our school have been assimilated in high profile secondary schools where some carried out their Teaching Practice.

Moreover, the department promotes the advancement of research activities in a variety of fields and has a great contribution to the academy and industry through research and education.

The department has a long established relationship between staff and students; our students’ academic and professional development is realized through the triangle relationship between students, staff and Parents/guardians. Our website gives you a sense of excitement and enthusiasm among department staff and students.

 We welcome students who would like to study in the department. Feel free to browse our certificates, diploma and undergraduate programs that are offered on this website.  I encourage you to contact us for more information.

Thank you.

Vision, Mission and Core Values and Objectives

  • Vision Statement: To be a globally competitive hub in the preparation of professional educationists, mentors, and researchers for enhancement of the welfare of humanity.
  • Mission Statement: To provide exemplary leadership in providing transformative skills based quality education via quality participatory learning; conducting development research that leads to innovation and new knowledge and offering opportunities for lifelong learning that benefits individuals and communities.
  • Core Values; Be a God fearing department that embraces the cultural diversities of different communities in the country, encourage healthy competitiveness and high performance in academics, professionalism in research and training. To sensitize staff and students in the need of advancing indigenous knowledge and proper use of technology.

Objectives of School of Education.

  • To mentor and train prospective teachers to think critically, objectively and engage actively during training sessions and on relevant issues.
  • To strengthen the ability of prospective teachers to be creative and innovative by conducting research in their area of interest.
  • To provide quality services to the students and spearhead the core business of university education of transmitting knowledge to the society for economic development.
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