Research Department

Research Department

H.O.D Omwario Benson

The department of research at the East African University is responsible for establishing, promoting and supporting an environment that encourages research, innovation and creativity in the university.  The main researchers at the East African University include faculty staff, students, and visiting researchers.

About Research Department

Various policies have been formulated to encourage good research practices’ which improve the quality for the individual researcher, research and the research environment in general. As one of the fastest growing institution of higher learning in the region, The East African University puts in efforts every day to maintain, improve and refine the quality demands of research. Therefore, quality assessment is pivotal. Research integrity is an important element of this quality assessment. TEAU research policy plan offers a framework for maintaining and improving integrity in daily research practice. The university has also implemented a plagiarism checker software at the university library that will ensure that all publications submitted are original works of the researchers. Therefore, the university research departments aims at ensuring maximum integrity in research and innovation.

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