Prof. Kitambala Marcellin (PhD HRM, MBA, BscEco)

Ag. Vice Chancellor

I welcome you all to this great university where we nurture our graduates all round…we build characters who greatly impact the world at large. In The East African University, students are our first priority.

I wish to express my gratitude to the Board of Trustees and the University Council members of this young but vibrant and ambitious Higher Learning Institution for entrusting me with the responsibility to lead and provide strategic direction as Vice Chancellor. I acknowledge the great efforts and concrete commitments accomplished by my predecessor, Professor Everett Maraka Standa, the founders, especially the Chairman Board of Trustees, to make The East African University a truly competitive institution of higher learning. My vision is to make this Higher Learning Institution a modern research driven and market responsive that nurtures talents.

University Philosophy

To be a fountain of knowledge and character, which produces holistic Graduates who shall be vanguards of change in technology and management in the community. This philosophy is founded on the principle that education should produce holistic individuals who can make positive contributions to the society especially in the areas of technology, management, economic development and spiritual growth. Human beings are equal and if given the right opportunity can achieve their full potential to acquire knowledge. The East African University aims at offering education that will provide graduates with knowledge and skills in technology and management and thus help them being the instruments of change in the community.

Centers for Research and Development

To foster an effective and constructive partnership between The East African University, the society and other partners locally and internationally, we shall establish centers that respond to the triple pillars of academic excellence, industry relevance and socio-economic transformation or pursuit of the common good. We place special emphasis on research centers which promote the economic growth and well-being of the population, the disadvantaged members of the society, gender and leadership.

Community Outreach and Urban Plunge

Institutions of higher learning are called to connect with industry and the society at large and assume their role as agents of social transformation. Community-based engagement does not only entail leveraging our knowledge and skills to the benefit of communities but also provides a platform for experiential learning for our students and leads to new knowledge and /or new approaches to addressing socio-economic issues. TEAU students and Graduates shall take the lead in developing communities around us. This partnership will strengthen the bond between The East African University and the community.

Our Commitments

It is our unrelenting commitment to ensure that all our academic programs, curriculum and extra-curriculum activities meet the highest standards required by the Commission for University Education, Inter-University Council of East Africa, the African Union and the global education industry. To ensure that quality is not an after-thought, the directorate of Quality Assurance is housed in the Vice Chancellor’s office. TEAU’s quality standards are not isolated sets of policies, manuals, procedures and regulations but part of an industry-wide pursuit.

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