Career Guidance and Counselling

Career Guidance and Counselling

H.O.D Kariithi Roselyn

The mission of The East African University Counseling Services is to provide a professional and confidential setting for the psychological, emotional, and developmental support of students as they pursue academic goals and explore personal growth.

Eligibility for Services

Currently enrolled The East African University undergraduate students and students enrolled in the Graduate Programs at The East African University are eligible to receive free services at Counselling Services office. All staff members are also eligible. Parents or guardians may be involved in the needy cases only.  The department is divided into two great sections.

  • The career guidance – this department deals with career and personal growth of students at the East African University.
  • Psychological counselling – this section handles more of psychosocial issues affecting the students.

Career and Guidance

The scope and scale of guidance services provided by African countries are currently too weak to address a substantial number of beneficiaries in an effective way; therefore the number of pupils/students and jobseekers having career guidance services is limited. However, the key challenge for these market players is to develop career guidance services that are relevant, integrated and cost-effective; which requires staff development to support service delivery (well-trained guidance staff).

The trainings provided so far to guidance practitioners from employment and education sector is far from being sufficient for providing quality services, and potential synergies between them remain underutilized. Moreover, there are no clear entry requirements or competence criteria for the guidance profession like it is regulated in other EU countries. In addition, guidance practitioners should become well acquainted with guidelines and standards for quality and professionalism in order to secure high quality provision for lifelong guidance. Kenyan’s education system currently doesn’t offer specialized university programmes in guidance at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels, therefore a career/guidance counsellor in KENYA is not regulated profession. Due to this fact, the guidance counsellors from education and employment institutions cannot get further education in this field to better support needs for delivering career guidance services to their students and unemployed youth.

The East Africa mission is to have a Career Counselling Centre so to teach students/job seekers job seekers how to prepare for career employment using techniques such as CV preparation, Cover letter design, networking, job sourcing, interview techniques, career strategies, etc. It is to initiate contact with potential employers within the region to promote the institution and request related job opportunities. This involves using tools, such as training courses, a website, bulletin boards, the media, and daily communication with students/job seekers and employers

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