Undergraduate Program

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements?

The East African University strives to admit those applicants who are best prepared to benefit from and contribute to TEAU academic community. Admission specialists will review your application and supporting documentation carefully to assess your overall academic preparation. In evaluating your application, the University will consider the following factors:

  1. Mean Grade scores achieved in High School
  2. Grades earned in core subjects depending on the specific programmes in which you are interested
  3. Additional information provided in support of your application.

We are committed to providing you with the most efficient and ethical services at all times. Please visit our webpage and familiarize yourself with the services which we provide, and whom to contact for assistance. We are constantly exploring ways to improve our services and we would welcome constructive suggestions from you on how we can better serve you. Feel free to contact us at registrar@teau.ac.ke


Our aim is to make your student experience as positive and pleasant as possible. We understand that you may be faced with various challenges along the way and we are willing to listen and guide you in overcoming these in the best possible manner.

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